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It was only a few days ago when I have announced the conditions of Wife for sale and I really didnt expect your replies to be so fast. The first people to contact me werent a married couple but an 18-years-old guy and his girlfriend. They live in a village and theyre not doing exactly great. They cannot find a job and theyre starting to get in red numbers. This unfortunate situation has led the guy to decision to contact me and offer me his wonderful young girlfriend for 50,000 CZK. I just couldnt refuse offer like this, so I grabbed my camera and set off. We solved it all quickly. The only problem was the condition hed be there watching me fuck his girl. In the end he agreed, however he couldnt stand it and when I penetrated her for the first time, he had to go out to get some fresh air. I guess this is for callous individuals only, but you can judge it for yourself. However, Ive got the first hit and Im calling on you married and not married couples with fiscal issues and debts, let me know and youll get 50,000 CZ straight forward. No interest, no pay-back, nothing like that.


Czech Streets 45



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