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Brad Knight makes a display of authority in the house when their parents died. His step sister, Lana Rhoades, is in the house with him and after a incident, he decided to give this spoiled brat some lesson. Brad does this with complete control over her and stated, I will never be swayed by you batting your eyelashes and your perky tits. Being drunk in power, it seems he forgot this rationale and got his step sister pleasure his big dick.

He had Lana dress up until he sees what he wants. When he did, he got so much boner from what he saw and just ordered Lana to give his dick some good licking. Lana, being under his house and command, had no choice but to obey. She drops down to her knees and starts licking and sucking that meat stick. Lana did it so well that Brad wants more. He stands up and starts fucking her cunt while standing up. Lana is on the couch just take everything he give.

She eventually lie down on the couch and he followed. He continued fucking her on that same couch. But he is not completely heartless in this. He gave her pussy some good licking before continuing in his business. At this point, Lana might have started liking his big dick. So she got him to sit down and let her ride that dick. She shows some skill of flexibility when she did a split while she got the dick fuck her from below. Lana got comfortable eventually and gave him some kiss while continuing the fucking.

When Brad cant take it anymore, he had Lana sit on the floor and wait as he jacks his dick off and shower her with step brotherly affection all over her mouth. With this, he completed his authority training over Lana.


Brad Knight, Lana Rhoades




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