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This guy needs to prove something to himself and dedicated himself to education and studying. Hes sick on living on a trailer park with his sex-craving step sister. He may be a guy with good intentions but he got some weak ass will. When his step sister, Kenzie Reeves, starts giving her a nice handjob, all his good intentions got thrown at the window.

Fuck studying , he exclaimed as he grabbed Reeves head and starts showing his big dick into her mouth. Reeve got what she wanted with more. He just starts fucking her mouth with a great amount of power as if hes trying to reach the back of her throat. He then slammed her to the bed, spread her wide, finger fucks her for a bit and continued pounding that cunt. Kenzie is so into it that she wanted to ride his dick, so she did. She went on top and starts shoving that big dick so deep. This went on for a while he couldnt take it anymore. When was ready to cum, he pulls out and squirts his cum outside Kenzies pussy.

This guys adventures didnt end there. His education gets continually driven fuckwards when another slut in his class starts distracting him. Distracting, meaning got his dick on 100% fuck mode again. His classmate, Joanna Angel, invites him over. They got undressed and he just chilled on the couch. This tattooed chick starts shoving that dick to her mouth and eventually riding it to her pace. He then wants to the fucking into his pace so he got up and slammed her down and starts fucking her with her legs wide open. He flipped her over and fucks her from behind until he reached another climax. He pulls out and showers her ass with good amount of cum.


Joanna Angel, Kenzie Reeves, Small Hands




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