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She sits and sips her cold drink, smiling at the attempts of the man behind the camera to make her laugh. She amuses herself by making small talk with him and indulging his questions. They talk for a while he films her.

The scene change and it shows a man doing silly things like hiding behind some bushes and pretending to be some host a nature show. He grabs some flowering weeds and promptly eats them. He distributes them to his friends as well.

The scene shifts again and this time, it shows a basement. A group of people stands around discussing, talking about angles and lightings and stuff.

Then it cuts back to a woman sitting next to a pool, she_s relaxing and talking to a man, before it goes back tot he group of people in the basement. They are still standing around and talking. One man is demonstrating something for another as they discuss more important things.

They unpack their equipment and talks some more. They revised plans here and there, change a little bit and refined details for better flow of thierr business.

This kind of activity is hard, but fun and they will always find ways to make it better and there will always be things that they can laugh about later on.
Dahlia Sky, James Deen, Mark Zane, Richie Calhoun
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