Mia Isabella_s Desires Part 2: Decesions,


One bed has Ty Roderick, bound, blindfolded spread and ready with his mouth and ass waiting for a fucking. Another bed has Lorelei Lee also bound and ready for an ass, mouth and pussy fucking by the hottest Dom in the business – Mia Isabella.

8:01pm – Mias bedroom is quiet, her man tenses against his bondage, his hearing heightened by the blindfold that deprives him of sight. Her high heels on the wooden floor sound like echoing moans of the sex to come. His cock stiffens with the thought that Mia is on her way to his mouth and ass. She fucks him and leaves him waiting and wanting while she ventures out to her second date of the night.

12:36am – A dungeon downtown where Lorelei obediently waits for Mia to return. Mia strips off her sexy leather and makes Lorelei suck her hard cock before she fucks her pussy and ass. Mia cums a sticky stream in Loreleis face, allowing her to lick her cock clean.


Mia Isabella, Ty Roderick, Lorelei Lee



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